PHP UK 2010 Conference

PHP UK 2010 Conference

On Friday Feb 25 2010 I visited the PHP UK 2010 Conference in London with two of my colleagues from work.

This was my first PHP conference, and I enjoyed the presentations. Probably the most useful to me was the talk given by Sticky Eyes on optimising MySQL and Message Queues for a high traffic SEO agency.

This talk mentioned Beanstalkd, which is an open source message queue. I remember looking at this application last year, however it did not have persistence at that time. Now it does, so am seriously considering implementing it at work.

My other favourite talk was given by IBuildings on implementing Web Services. I am a supporter of RESTful APIs as they appeal to me as a simple and pragmatic way to expose services to other processes, without the complexity that SOAP brings.

The lunch supplied wasn't great, but the free beers at the end of the day provided by Facebook were much appreciated!