Running Freeswitch ESL Event Viewer on Fedora 22

Running Freeswitch ESL Event Viewer on Fedora 22

My job involves me doing a lot of work with Freeswitch and for that it is especially useful to be able to debug the internal event stream via the Event Socket Library (ESL).

Thankfully Paul Labedan has written a GUI in QT that runs on Linux and allows me to see the events in real-time.

Here is how to install it on Fedora 22:

First download the latest ZIP file from Github and unpack.

sudo dnf install unzip

Next install the QT components and C++ compiler:

sudo dnf install gcc-c++ cmake qt5-qtbase-devel

Now proceed to build the application:

cd ESLViewer-master
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

If all goes well you will now have an executable file called ESLViewer in the build directory.

Run it like so:


Optionally copy it into your /usr/bin directory for easier use in the future.

sudo cp ESLViewer /usr/bin/